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Hello guys, i plan to upgrade current C2D to sandy bridge next week, i have read some reviews and 2500K really impressed me with its performance, especially for its price. But then i noticed that the regular 2500 (no K-version) is even more cheaper. specs are exactly the same.. but i couldnt find reviews that compares these two CPUs in one article.

I plan to upgrade from:
E8400, 2GB DDR2 800mhz, 4870 1GB

i5 2500K or non-K version, 2x4GB DDR3 1333 MHz, 6970 2GB.

off topic maybe, but how do i know that i could use my Corsair TX650 PSU with 6970, i dont have 6pins connectors on my TX650
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  1. As far as which CPU to choose:

    The K version offers two benefits. First it has HD3000 graphics over the HD2000 version found on the regular 2500. Since you have a 6970, you have no use for the built in graphics. So the regular version of the 2500 would be fine.

    Second, it also has an unlocked clock multiplier. This is useful if you want to overclock.

    So you have to decide if you want to overclock or not. If you do go with the K version. If you do not plan to overclock get the regular version.

    Also, keep in mind if you do want to overclock the CPU you will need a motherboard with the P67 chipset. The H67 chipset does not work with the unlocked multiplier.
  2. Also, the specs say your PSU comes with 2 6+2 pin connectors. The 6-Pin part is what you use for your GPU.
  3. Go for the 2500k.. Even if you do not plan to overclock initially, in future you might need to.. And the price difference is not huge IMO.. On a side note, you might want to go for the GTX 570 for your video card requirements.. Its considerably faster compared to the 6970 which further suggests that it can handle games better for a longer time.. Your PSU is fine for any choice you make..
  4. Most of us are, for whatever reason, going to say "K" model.
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