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I work in a research laboratory and our computer that is attached to our microscope died. We determined that it was the ram by swapping out some from another computer.

The computer is a

My question is what ram do i need to order (4gb). Preferably from

The old ram was Pc2700 DDr 333mhz, but it seems cheaper to buy PC3200 400mbz? will both work?

Thank you very much

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  1. unfortunately PC2700 (333MHz) is the fastest RAM that board can use.

    This is the only 4GB kit that newegg has.

    Are there only 2 slots available for RAM on the board?
  2. There are 4 slops, so I was thinking getting 2 sets of
    Will this work?

    THankyou for the reply!
  3. It's NOT good to mix RAM even of the same part number. Two kits might work or might not. There is no means to know other than trying it. That's why I always recommend buying ONE matched, tested, RAM Kit.
  4. I think you guys should look into a new computer, that thing is a dinasaur and parts are likely to start failing.
  5. Yes, those kits should work without a problem. Although what the person above me said can be true the technology used in the type of memory you are looking for is a lot less sensitive than new high speed RAM and I highly doubt you will have any problems.

    Back before I knew what I was doing I mixed brands, sizes and all sorts of things with that kind of memory and it never had a problem.
  6. I'd recommend using only 2 memory slots. The older machines did not liked all mem banks occupied for some reason.
    Also DDR3200 should work as 2700 but you will have to downgrade it in the bios if possible
    otherwise get 2700.
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