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Hello everyone,

I have AMD Athlon II x2 245 processor at 2900 MHz, but in CPUZ its showing its frequency just 800 MHz. I am bit confused now,can anyone help me??
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  1. What speed does it show in the BIOS..??CPU-Z, though excellent mostly, is known sometimes to report base frequency values.. Mostly happens with RAM modules..
  2. Its displaying realtime speeds, open up a few I.e. windows, maybe a youtube or 5 and it should go up correspondingly.
  3. In bios it shows 2.9ghz, but CPUZ is only displaying the wrong values. I checked it on my friends system and it displayed the accurate speed of his cpu.
  4. rocky, I think the AMD equivalent of Intel's SpeedStep is kicking in when your CPU is running under light loads.

    Run Prime95 to load the cores, then see what happens. You should see the CPU run at full speed.
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    That's AMD Quiet & Cool lowering the CPU rate when on low load. This feature can be turned on and off in bios. Also, if you have installed AMD Overdrive, clicking on the green circle in the upper right hand corner will put a red ring around it, thus disabling Q & C. AMD also has a download for the overdrive manual if you need more info.
  6. Every AMD processor from the Athlon II or Phenom II line idles at 800mhz, try actually pushing your computer and it'll ramp up the clock speed as needed.
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