Hi, i would like someone to help me build a budget PC

My budget is $350 after mail in rebate. I want to use it for internet, watching movies, music, MS office, visual studios and playing starcraft:broodwar and counter-strike 1.6. I already have windows xp, mouse, keyboard and a monitor.
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  1. Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

    Budget Range: $350 After Rebaetes

    System Usage from Most to Least Important:internet, word processing, visual studios and starcraft:broodware and counter-strike: 1.6

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, windows xp, monitor

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: ANY

    Country of Origin: USA

    Parts Preferences: NO Preference

    Overclocking: NO

    SLI or Crossfire: NO

    Monitor Resolution: 1440x900
  2. $353AR
  3. I'll go roughly with Batuchka's build. Just swap out the Biostar Mobo with this $50 ASUS M4N68T-M or the GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-D3. Both come with Integrated graphics, so that you'll not have to spend extra on video.

    The rest looks perfectly alright. You may however wanna change the Lite-On ODD for LG, Samsung or Sony. But that's optional. The Board however has gotta go IMO.
  4. Negative for budget mobos one have to be careful with chipset/s picked out

    For any Nvidia based chipset before


    all before would have HT limitation when used with an AM2+/AM3 chip and still on PCIe gen 1.0/1.1 lanes. True AM2+ would have no HT Limitation and moved over to PCIe gen 2.0 as of 2008

    GA-M68MT-D3 (and any other NForce 630a chipset for that matter)
    * If you install AMD AM3 CPU on this motherboard, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.0 (5200MT/s) to HT1.0 (2000 MT/s) spec; however, the frequency of AM3 CPU will not be impacted. Please refer "CPU Support List" for more information.
  5. Sorry i forgot to say i already have a Hard Drive. How does this power supply look like?

  6. Thats a decent 80+ 400W PSU actually ^^ System requirements for stuff like HD 6870 for eg state 500W so budget willing i'd hit the latter for a wee more headroom
  7. Hi phenom01, 400 watt is barely enough for a GTS 450 especially if you wanna play 'round with stock settings. I'll definitely look for around 40 amps on the +12V Rail as you have to factor in capacitor aging at least, if not any future upgrades.

    One thing I missed in my last post (& sorry for that) is that you're not a serious gamer. Your primary requirement is net surfing/multimedia/home entertainment. If you're only a casual gamer, you should actually save some money by getting a EVGA GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB or a XFX Radeon HD 4670 1GB if your main requirement is net surfing/multimedia/home entertainment.

    There's absolutely no need to get such an expensive graphics card, IMO.
  8. Do you guys think i should wait until black friday to get the parts cheaper or just by it now?
  9. entirely up to you how long can you wait
  10. I'd still stick with the GTS450 over the GT430, as he's playing SC, I would want to make sure he can play SC2 decently without having to upgrade, and the GTS450 is a much safer bet for that for not that much more.
  11. Forget 'bout SC, even CS, WOW are some of the most gfx un-intensive amongst the popular games.

    A casual gamer at 1440 X 900 doesn't really need a GTS 450 over a GT430 in what will mainly be a word processing PC for the occasional dabble in light gaming.

    Maybe for Crysis, Metro...but SC? While a GT430 might not let you play on ultra, it should be more than alright for the occasional bout of gaming, IMO.

    But seeing as the prices aren't really that different, might as well get the 450.
  12. Can the integrated Radeon 4250 run starcraft:broodwar and cs 1.6?
  13. Yes but u have to run down to like 1024 x 768 medium or at most prolly 1280 x 1024? +1 stay away via 10 foot pole from GT430: between it and HD 4250 IGP i'd rather save $$ and chug along on IGP rather than blow on an awful $$/frame card like GT430 @@ Here we see it being spanked by dated cards like HD 4670/9600GT

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