Do i need new CPU to upgrade graphics card?

i want to upgrade my Graphics card from a GTX260 to a Radeon 5770. Will need to also replace CPU & motherboard?
I currently run a Core2 at 2.83ghz
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  1. Nope. The GTX260 is almost the same as a HD5770. So you wont face any bottlneck issues.
  2. There is absolutely NO POINT doing that. The two cards are almost the same performance wise. Save up and get a 5870/GTX470.
  3. Get a 5830/GTX 460 or better, the 260 is on par with the 5770 so you wont see any real gains other than DX11.
  4. What are you trying to replace your GTX260 with a HD5770? Is there a problem with the GTX260, if not then there lis little reason for the change other then DX11 as this isn't really an upgrade of cards.
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