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Probably A dumb question, but I got all the components to build my first computer and dont want to mess it up from the get go. The cables, molex specifically in question have multiple connectors as you follow the cable to the end. can you use one molex cable to power 3 devices using all connectors on the cable. I ask because I don't think I have ever seen more than one connector per cable used and I dont understand why more would be on the cable. Now I'm looking at 5 fans and only 3 molex cables coming from the PSU.

650W PSU if its relevant
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    There is no problem utilizing all the connectors on a molex cable. There are usually many cables because some people have cases where all the components are spaced far enough that they can't be all connected with on cable so other cables are needed.

    If the fans have molex connectors, you should be able to daisy chain them together and just connect the chain to one molex from the PSU.
  2. Each item that feeds off a molex connector doesnt draw much current so you can use all the ones on a line without a problem. Daisy chaining your fans together will work just fine and will leave you with more free molex connectors for the future
  3. As the others have mentioned, it's not a problem powering multiple devices on the same molex line.

    One main advantage to doing so, is cable management. If you had to use a different line for each molex powered device, there would be cables all over the place.
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