Don't install GMA 950 driver

I have ASUS Eee PC 1005HA with GMA 950 Accelerator.

I used to play mkv files with KM Player with my VGA driver installed.
playing 720p HD files was too slow and the sound and video were not simultaneous.

Then I reinstalled my windows and DID NOT install the VGA driver.
once i tried playing a HD video and the result was unbelievable.
it was so smooth and good that I couldn't believe.

Does any body know why? (the video renderer was overlay mixer both times and I'm running on win7 ultimate)
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  1. The windows driver was better than the one you installed?
  2. +1 to mhelm1, sometimes windows will install a better driver then what you download from the net.
  3. I haven't tested 3d graphics yet, but up to now I'm sure windows 7 driver is better for multimedia uses.

    And one point that I forgot to tell you before:

    With the original driver for the device, Windows Experience Index Rating showed 2.3 for aero performance,
    and now that I didn't install it it shows 2.0
    but reality is something quite diffrent.
    (3D graphics are same on 3.0)
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