My External HD asks me to format help please

hey guys howdy :) i am new here and seeking some help from the experts!!

my 500 GB WD external HD is asking me to format, it was well enough before few hours ago, until i plugged it off without safely removing from the task bar, now when i plug in it asks me to format it.

in disk management it shows raw partition, tried to change its letters but it also didnt work, tried Active Partition Recovery professional 7 to fix the boot sectors it also didnt work, tried Partition Table Doctor 3.5 it didnt detect my external HD it asked me to fix the sectors from other drives as i said yes and asked me to restart the computer, when i tried to reboot everything was messed up i lost one of my partitions containing 120 GB of data as well as my C: drive, i tried every possible solution on the net as well as some useful threads found on here regarding my problem but none of them worked.

so hereby i am kindly seeking your help in this regards.

thanks allot in advance :)
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  1. as a reminder i also have used TestDisk it also didnt work, i am not sure what to do?
  2. btw check disk did help to retrieve my HD back with full 460 GB data :)
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