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I am setting my D-Link model 1013 wireless router, and follow steps in Manual, but I'd like to know why, once I turn off my modem, (which is working fine with my cable ISP), and plug ethernet cable from wireless router into router and from router to my computer, and restart PC, why I loose internet reception?
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  1. If I understand you correctly, you are turning off the modem. Without the modem you have no connection to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) !

    Perhaps you need to explain more. Meanwhile I'm going to guess that the Dlink 1013 also includes a modem -- but that you need to match its (WAN) settings to the requirements of your ISP.

    You may be able to find help on that on the ISP's home website support section. Or call their support line and ask them to guide you through the setup.

    You also appear to be connecting the new router to the old one -- which you should not need to do and can cause problems (specifically with DHCP setting). Take the old router out of the equation.
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