Will This Fit Low Profile?

hey guys, I own a dell Inspiron 546 ST Slim model and I want to upgrade to a new graphics card, I got a new psu for my case for a video card. I have heard rumors this is small enough to fit in side a slim case, can anyone clarify?


Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. yeh the hd5750 low profile is the best low profile card out there. i think the dell comes with a 250w power supply though. i put a hd 5570 in my dell inspiron 530s which had 250w power supply.
  2. Where can you find these cards I cannot find one.
  3. I didn't know that PowerColor 5750 low-pro even existed... I haven't seen them anywhere. Nor have I seen any 5670's in a low-pro form factor, as mentioned in the eFlyer pic at the bottom of that card's page. Maybe you should ask PowerColor who has them?

    One thing to remember... That 5750 card is double-thick, so it will take up two slots. It may not work in all applications.

    Shop.amd.com shows that NCIX.com is carrying that card, which they do. But, that's their Canadian site. The NCIXUS.com site doesn't have it.
  4. I have sent them an email about it and will reply here 'if' I get a response, perhaps they will arrive soon and is a fresh product.
  5. Well, what's more important is what purpose(s) you have for your intended card choice, and their order of importance. (Games, movies, video editing, etc.) Basically, additional info that's covered here:
  6. Well my intentions are priority 1 gaming. With World of Warcraft Cataclysm coming soon and the new graphics with water, this old Geforce 210 512 64 bit won't cut it. :D
  7. the 5570 would be a good cheap upgrade for the gt210.

    the hd5670 low profile from msi got announced in july and still hasnt made it to market, which is very weird.


    the powercolor hd5750 low profile just got announced last month but they did show it and a hd5770 low profile at a trade show a few months back in asia.

    nvidia are making a new low profile card which does look like it will have performance similar to the 5570. its the gt420 but im guessing there will also be a gt430/440 which could also be made into low profile cards.

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