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Hello and thanks to all
Well here it is I have a windows XP disk i try and load it and it gives me an Error that is an older version then whats on the computer. I tryed to boot from disk but when it hits the page to hit enter to install or R to repair the computer stops and does nothing. I dont what to buy a new OS so please what can i do ?

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  1. When you boot from the disk and it gets to that page, try waiting a few minutes if nothing happens. Maybe it's still loading something or trying to find previous versions of windows on the drive in the background.
  2. try using another hard drive if you have one lying around even if it is small sometimes if you have a bad hdd it will screw with the installer.
    like i was trying to install windows vista into this one computer it would constantly freeze the installer until i repaired the hdd and itwouldnt even get to the install screen itself.
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