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Strange display glitch in BFBC2

Recently I upgraded to two HD5850 in crossfire from a single HD5850. While play BFBC2 with a single card I had few to no problems but found frame rates dropping now and then. With two in crossfire I have no issues with framerates. However, I and finding glitches, areas where there should be a wall or object I get a shiny light or see right through them. I'm wondering if this may have to do with tearing or if it could be a crossfire driver issue. I am running at 1680X1050, using ATI 10.4 and updated my profiles. I have tried more recent ATI drivers but these have cause the game to shut down sparatically. Any suggestions?? It is something that I can live with if I have to, I would just rather perfer to fix it if possible. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
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  1. Have you tried Catalyst 10.8 too ?
  2. I have tried 10.2 upto 10.7 and so far found 10.4 to be the most stable. I have yet to try 10.8 but others have said it caused them quite a few problems. I was wondering if playing at a lower res with crossfire and no vsync may be causing problems. I have fluxuations in FPS between 80 and 160 depending on what is showing on the screen. I have all the graphics settings on the highest they go.
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    Well 10.8 give me a good boost in performance,it actually improves CF performance,so its worth it give it a try
  4. Ignore. BFBC2 has buggy CFire support.
  5. There is a special driver for Bad co. it in on their blog a few months ago., it is meant for slow loading screens, but try it.
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