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I am currently in the process of looking for a new keyboard and mouse. I have had a few suggestions over team speak but i figured on the forums would be easier.

As far as keyboards go i was looking at the Merc Stealth from steel series. It looked to have a nice ergonomic gaming pad and i was curious if anyone had experience with this keyboard. For keyboards i was just looking for something that is specific for gaming. Like this merc stealth is the only one i noticed that has its key mapped specifically for gaming. I also herd mechanical keyboards are great. What makes a mechanical keyboard good?

As far as mouses i was looking into wired mouses. I got recommendations for the Lachesis 5600 but im worried it wont be comfortable. I was hoping for something with more than 5 buttons and comfortable.

Any advice would be great!

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  1. Well I own a mechanical keyboard, the XArmor U9BL, and I'll never go back to rubber dome. To find out all about mechanical keyboards read this guide:

    As for mice, the Razer Lachesis 5600 is actually quite bad. Stick with either the Razer Deathadder, or a mouse the A9500 sensor. Mice that use the A9500 sensor are the Logitech G500/700, G9X, Steel Series Xia, Roccat Kone+ (my mouse) and some others.

    To recommend you a mouse, I did to know what your grip is, palm or claw.
  2. what is the difference between palm and claw?
  3. i think i palm
  4. Then for a budget you should look into the Logitech G500.

    If you want the best on the market, look into the Roccat Kone+. It has the good sensor, the best software suite in existence when it comes to mice, and is exceptionally comfortable for palm grippers. Roccat products can only be purchased at if you live in the US.
  5. say i wanted a claw what would be good for that?
  6. For a claw grip, the Steel Series Xai and Logitech G9x are very good.

    Note that all four mice I have recommended use the same sensor, so the differences aren't huge.
  7. Being a horrible typist I make judicious use of the delete key; which sadly the Merc Stealth lacks. The arrow keys are moved beneath the number pad and the insert/home/pg up (those 6 keys usually above the arrow keys) are moved too but they took the delete key completely off :( I thought I could get used to it but my pinkie kept trying to hit it and I would up taking it back. Still using the logitech keybd I've used for 15 years.
  8. that was definitely a concern of mine. also looking at mechanical keyboards i could not find one that had feature like programmable buttons and wat not
  9. The Black Widow has macros.
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