Intel High end office PC build assistance requested

Summary - I am looking to build my first PC for the following applications. Any and all advise and recommendations are greatly appreciated. The PC will be used primarily as an 'office' PC, with some specific usage/limitations and criteria.

Office use * See also note on virtualization/VPN access * - Very heavy MS Office 2010 suite user [including SharePoint Designer, Large (200,000 row) excel files, Access and Outlook with several 10 gig .pst files.]

Media use - some video transcoding

WMC - Limited media center duties

Virtualization - Much of my day-to-day activities MUST occur within a virtual Windows 7 machine (due to VPN tunnel/lock-down [Virtual PC <==>Locked down to corp network Host <==>to public network])

Storage Area Network - I want a large case, and at least 8 SATA II ports to use this as an iSCSI Target server. Note - I am not considering any of the disk storage cost over and above a 'system' disk in the initial build. I will add disks over time.

Existing Equpment: Monitor I have 2 Dell UltraSharp U2410 Resolution:1920x1200
{Usually one displays the 'corp' locked down Virtual windows 7, the other displays the host/ personal PC}

Approximate Purchase Date: (11/2010)

Budget Range: Under $2,000 if possible. Excludes the monitors, Disk drives (except for a system disk) and may exclude RAM over 8 GIG.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Most = 10 Least = 0
Virtualized 'Office' PC: 10
Media PC: 7
SAN/File Storage : 8
Gaming: 2

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (, tigerdirect)

Country of Origin: (USA)

Parts Preferences: (I would like to use an Intel CPU and full tower case. I 'think' I want an Intel MOBO, just because I think it would be easier for me as a first time builder, but, you folks are the experts.)

Overclocking: Maybe, but value system stability and limiting heat over any overclocking needs.

SLI or Crossfire: / No / not needed

Additional Comments: Will need to be able to have 16 gig+ of memory for virtualization. But, like the SAN DISK costs, if needed, I can deploy this with as little as 8 gig, and add ram over time.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this. Any advice you may have would be appreciated!
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  1. @AtotalnOob, thanks for the input. I did check those systems, but most fall way short of the mark for my needs. Although I call this an 'office' PC, I have the specific virtualization and SAN needs that make those builds inadaquate. I see this machine as a hybred ofan Office PC and workstation. Maybe a dash of HTPC tossed in for measure.
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    Here is a build...
    i7 950 + ASUS X58
    If you want more than 8 SATA ports, then maybe this

    RAM -
    GSKillz 12GB DDR3 - So if you add 1 more kit, you can get 24GB of RAM...

    Video card - From most powerful to least -> Get the one based on your gaming needs...

    CASE Options - These will be very good...

    PSU - You wont need a very high-powered PSU, IMO this would be a very good option - Cooler Master Silent PRO 600W
    8pin extension - just in case the 8 pin from PSU doesnt reach the mobo -


    HDD -

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  4. Here is a build...

    Video card - From most powerful to least -> Get the one based on your gaming needs...

    Great Build, thanks a bunch. One question, I do very little gaming, but need to drive the 2 Dell UltraSharp 24" U2410 Resolution:1920x1200 monitors. I am not very familiar with how to ascertain if any (all) of these cards can support 2 * 1920x1200. Can you inform me how to tell when looking at the specs?
  5. ^ Then the EVGA GTS 450 would be my pick...It is fast enough for casual gaming, can handle high resolutions without any issues and most importantly, EVGA warranty and support...
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