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Ati 5770 on 1900x1200 ?

Hi everyone, currently working on my build and just trying to decide on a graphics card, I want to be able to run SC2 on Ultra High (CPU AMD x4 965):

Currently plan on using a 1900x1200:

Video Card Plan on getting if 5770 is ok:

I was also considering the 5850, but I only really play SC2 so I thought it might be kinda overkill, pretty much whatevers the cheapest card i can run SC2 on ultra high w a 1900x1200 res

the Mobo I plan on using only supports CRX and I wanted to keep that option open for later down the road, feel free to suggest a video card thanks! (Vender doesn't matter)

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    SC2 is limited by CPU, however with the 5770 equivalent of the 6000 series releasing next month, you'd probably be better off to wait at this point.

    If you want a new GPU right this minute, take a look at this 5770, it's significantly cheaper than the one you linked. As you get closer to $170, a GTX 460 would be a better purchase.
  2. Do you know if the 6000 is going to be released next month for sure or if its just a rumor? I tried googling a release date for it but all I could find was rumors of it being released in Q4, I dont mind waiting another month but 2 months might be stretching it ,I currently have a 8800gt and am using a 1600x1000 (22in) monitor but once I get my 25in 1900x1200 it might struggle a bit.
    If you find an article specifying the release date can you please post it? Thanks a lot for your help, I was considering nvida but I my mobo only supports crx and I wanted to keep crx as a option later down the road thanks again !

    Information started coming out late August about them, it seems logical as the 5000 series is a year old.
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