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Hello first off i was in the market for a ssd i was thinking to get a samsung 840 series 120gb as a boot drive and a 1tb hd for media such as music and movies. i have never run two hard drives before so this will be completely new to me. just looking for some suggested hdds and a few tips on running them together thanks.
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  1. both are sata, dont worry, boards are designed to handle multiple drives. 2-3 drive is common. some have more
  2. That would be me. I have 5hdds, allowing 4+TBs of storage. (and I'm about to buy another 2TB drive for backups.) I'm also a partition wh0re and I'm up to virtual drive S. Each type of media gets its own drive. Or two...

    As Cons said as long as everything is SATA then you are good. If you are using the SSD for your OS you might want to consider using port 0 or 1, whichever is lower. That should make it the default hdd in the bios. Other then that there isn't really anything to do.
  3. Ok well, then i do have a question because i do have two hdds and when i tried to plug in my second one my mother board saw it but when i went to "my computer" i could not see it or the files in it. Would you know the reason for that? i could also find it if i went to my device manager but again i could not add files to it or see files in it these are both sata drives but there just temporary till i get my new hdds.
  4. hmn, those are new right? maybe you have to set them up first, right click mycomputer, then manage, look for disk management. if you're not familiar, a quick google should help. it's not that difficult
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    Assuming its new its probably not partitioned or formatted. Go to disk management and format it. As mentioned above I like making lots of partitions. One games, one for music, one for movies, etc. Up to you how you want it.
  6. OK I will try to do that i am sure its not formatted correctly or something ill see what i can find out thanks again. Ill let you know what happens.
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  8. Thanks, it was a little bit of a pain but, I got my hard drives working i could not figure out how to format them for the first time but i ended up figuring it out now there working great thanks.
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