Free Disk Space running low over night (Win 7)

I noticed the last days that I got mysterious warnings on low disk space and I can't determine what occupies my free space.

So last night I had 5GB of free space and this morning I'm down to 800MB. And I have no clue what's going on here. I noticed that problem a couple of days ago, and because of that I did a scan with WinDirStat, to check what occupies the most space. I got some virtual machine images that are pretty large, but consistent in size. also I got the pagefile and hibernate, but they did not change either. As far as I can see the biggest files did not change.

Also WinDirStat tells me that actually only 63.7GB are used, whereas the Windows dialog tells me 73.5GB are used.

I also ran a windows search on all file modified or created between yesterday and today but there was nothing that could be responsible for a 4GB space loss.

It also happened before that the occupied space becomes free again after a couple of hours or days. But I can't find a pattern in that...
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  1. Go to and get MalWareBytes. Just use the free version.

    Install, update, and run a full scan. Delete everything the app finds.

    Good luck!
  2. Tried that, there was nothing found
  3. How much virtual memory do you have allocated for your system? How much physical memory (RAM) and HDD storage (total) do you have?

    Also, are you using any apps to capture game footage while playing?
  4. The virtual as well as the physical memory are 3547MB big. The HDD has a size of 75GB.

    I don't play games, this is a work computer. I currently only run office and a java development environment.
  5. Are you allowed to install apps on this system? If so, download and install CCleaner (link below, get the free version). Run the cleaner and see how much stuff it identifies to get rid of. You may have a glut of temp files that are hogging space.

    I would suggest you delete everything CCleaner identifies.
  6. I ran the Cleaner a couple of days ago. It got me around 500MB or something. In the last 3 days I lost again around 3GB, without installing software or creating a large amount of files.
  7. Sounds like you aren't building up any temp files. Do you have system restore enabled and have you been making a lot of changes to the system lately?
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