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EVGA's Step Up Program

Is it worth it for a person to go from say, a GTX 470 to a GTX 480? The cost difference is a little hefty through their website, but I'm interested in going with the bigger single GPU. I want more rendering power, shaders, the memory interface, etc. I haven't even taken my GTX 470 out of the box yet and I already regret it.

In the EVGA forums, there are nothing but ridiculously biased fanboy posts about the subject, so I thought I'd ask here. Has anyone done it?

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  1. No, regardless of Step-up or not, upgrading from a GTX470 to a 480 isn't worth it, the performance increase isnt groundbreaking, and the 470 a much a better value compared to the 480, as you can always OC.

    But if moneys no problem, feel free to go with 2 or 3 GTX480s.

    Though if you can still return the 470 and have a SLI-capable Mobo, 2GTX460s is a nice performance jump for only $100.
  2. So you haven't taken it out of the box, but you feel you need more power...

    How about installing the card and seeing if your satisfied with the performance or not. The GTX470 is a very powerful card and will play todays games easily.
  3. Because it was after I ordered that I hopped on over to NVidia, EVGA,, etc., only to see 100% of the people with a 470 wishing they had a 480, and all of the people with a 480 swooning over what they had. Those who made the switch were practically orgasmic.
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    Maybe there just trying to justify there purchase to themselves, Look at the facts not the fanboy's, The GTX470 is much, much better value for money than a GTX480, I'm sure you could overclock your GTX470 to GTX480 speeds.... Then spend the saved money on something else.
  5. Those people are idiots, fatal is right. The GTX470 is SO much better in price for performance, just overclock a little bit if you really need to.
  6. Okay, I'll stick happily with my 470 for now then. Thanks! :bounce:
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