Will Cooler Master RealPower 620W Hold This?

Intel Core i7 930,Nvidia GeForce 465 GTX,ASUS Rampage III Gene Motherboard,Corsair 3X2GB Ram's.
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  1. Yes, 500w+ would be ok for that setup but if you haven't brought it there are better psu's out there.
  2. I have bought the video card and the motherboard and all is that left is the cpu and ram's. I installed my gtx 465 card on my older motherboard the "gigabyte p43 es3g" it works fine i just need the other 2 parts so i can install them on the new asus motherboard,maybe i will buy a more wattage psu if i will have left overs,but anyways thanks for the answer!
  3. So you do have the psu already?
  4. I have The Coolermaster RealPower 620W i was just asking will it work when i install those parts i listed on my first post and to finish the setup i still need to buy the cpu and the ram's you said its enought which answered my question and i said thanks :)
  5. Ok. yes thats plenty.
  6. Pl check it out yourself, as it is easier for your mind.... http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

    And yes, RealPower SEries are much better than XtremePower and have few more Watts extra in cas your system needs them.... Donot worry and make a peace of mind with the above link :)
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