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Hello, I have always been an Intel guy but I have been asked to build a $500-$550 gaming PC for a family, and I am going to go with AMD this time for the performance/cost. I am not familiar with the AMD arena and there seems to be a lot of MB with different 78x chipset and 870/880 chipsets. I am not sure what the differences are and which one I should go. I searched the web and there aren't many places that detail the differences between the 2 generations (I did find AMD comparison of the 800 series below). Can anyone point me to the right direction?

Here is the build I am thinking

AMD Phenom II Black Edition for a little OC, AM3, but not sure which one yet, waiting for local Fry's or Neweggs sale
4 gig DDR3
1 TB 7200RPM drive
ATI 5750 or 5770

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Quote:
    I have been asked to build a $500-$550 gaming PC for a family

    If $562AR is within range
  2. Thank you guys! But I still want to know, what are the differences between the 78x and 870/880 chipsets? I am actually thinking of this board (with my coupon the price is down to $84)

    The 68xx board is a bit out of range. I am thinking more of this. I have to pay tax as I live in CA.
    Or even this
  3. 785G - HD 4200 IGP/SB 710
    870 - No IGP, SB850 ,USB/SATA 3.0, ATX for the most part
    880G - HD 4250 IGP, SB 850, USB/SATA 3.0, mATX for the most part
    There are entry level 870/880Gs on SB 710 as well
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