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Hello, I like to build a top a the line HTPC (1080-HD-BLUE-RAY-HDMI-7.1 audio-remote)etc. not to play games, just Media and I going crazy with so many motherboard to choose and cpu. I will also would like your in put to make it. can any body help budge is $2,500
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  2. The 1st thing u have to understand is HTPC no encode, gaming, etc does not need super charged hardware etc so $2.5k is way off
  3. I know my point was that I want the best and we know it cost $$$$
  4. ridiculous budget for A "pure" htpc now if you were more specific
    please follow this so other can help you more
  5. deadcold94 said:
    ridiculous budget for A "pure" htpc now if you were more specific
    please follow this so other can help you more

    To star with, I always pick the best or one of the best motherboard for example my last HTPC has an ASUS P5E-VM HDMI motherboard but it has an INTEL G35 shipset, for CPU Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz, 8G of memory DDR2, 500GB HD, 37 LCD TV, yes when I built it was top of the line but no blue-ray.
    I like to get something that can be use and upgrade for a few years to come.

    Hope, some of you will understand now what I'm looking to put together, I know that the 2500 may sound allot but that just to let you know that I'm willing to spend that much for it .
  6. no the less you didnt fill out the sticky i linked so until you do i dont think anyone is going to be able to properly help you.


    im just stating that 2500 $ is way to much to spend on a htpc if it is a "pure" htpc omputer but because you didnt fill out the stick i linked no oneknows... so from
    the stand point of a "pure" htpc which is all i know you want 2500$ is a huge waste of money and anyone of this forum but apparently you will agree that 2500$ is a waste on a htpc ....

    anyhow just fill out the stick makes life easier for others who are trying to help you
  7. ok, need Advice on buildig my HTPC this something I will need 1080p, HDMI, HD for blue-ray, CrossfireX support motherboard if needed, remote control my budget can be 500 and up I know there are few good motherboard out like ASUS P7H55-M/CSM, Rampage IIIsupportmula, P6X58D Premium or GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H, GA-880GMA-UD2H, GA-H55N-USB3, MSI X58M, X58A-GD65,890FXA-GD70. amount other because there many nice and good motherboard out it difficult to choose one I have not preference INTEL i7 or less or AMD3 or less but I would like it to be around for and upgrade it later, video car if need it we al know the part need to build a HTPC your input will be appreciated thank you
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