New PSU i5 750 system

CPU: i5 750 (at stock :( )
Mobo: GA-P55A-UD4P
RAM: g skill ripjaws 4gb cas 7 1.65v
GPU: xfx 5850 be
HDD: samsung spinpoit f3 500gb
ODD: samsung sata
Case: HAF 922 (stock fans)
CPU cooler: Hyper 212+ (single fan)

current PSU: ocz modxstream pro 700w

dilemma: I bought this psu because it was cheap, I know stupidest reason ever. Later I have found out these are not the best quality units. They have a HARDOCP review in which this psu fails. This wouldn't bug me too much because I'm running at such a light load but I'm planning on adding a fan controller and 3 cooler master mach 1.2 turbines in the near future and want something rock stable. I also need this psu to last through my next upgrade (x68) as well as a likely gpu upgrade in the future amd 7000 and nvidia 600 series.

Options: a high quality 700+w is what I'm looking for I have compiled a couple options as well as pros and cons for each option

1. Corsair AX750 ($170 BR $150AR)
-lots of cables
-beautiful design, aesthetics
-reputable company
-MIR that I may never receive back to get decent price
2. Seasonic X-750 ($165)
-same as corsair
-really pricey

Only an option if people agree corsair MIR almost never come back
3. Cougar gx700 ($180 BP, BR $128 AR, AP)
-lots of cables
-good looks
-cheap for the 80 plus gold license it boasts
-made by HEC
-not really reviewed much
-doesn't meet 80 plus gold standards in US
- MIR may never come back

4. XFX 750w ($130 BR, $100 AR)
-decent 80 plus
-lots of cables
-looks (the pro version is just as expensive but isn't certified as highly)

Personally the best choice to me seems to be the corsair right now I need this unit to last, if anyone else has another psu that could be considered in this list (700w-800w 80 plus silver or better) please share. Also if an amazing psu is gonna be released in a month I'm all ears. Or deals that I missed (live in USA no close microcenter)

Thank you for your time
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  1. With a single video card setup, your ocz may be fine. It's got some overload protection built in, so it shouldn't take out your board if it fails. I use ocz; mine has run fine for almost a year.
  2. So you think I should just keep the ocz, it will be able to handle extra fans and fan-controller later on as well as x68 with one GPU?
  3. I also kinda want a longer 8 pin CPU connection now and I know that I'll want the ability to use dual GPUs with x68. I could buy an 8 pin cpu power extender and wait to buy the PSU in a combo with the next-gen graphics would that be the smartest choice?
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    SeaSonic X-750 gold is the best out of all listed... IMO.

    The XFX 750 is the best value and my recommendation for your upgrade of the PSU.
  5. what do you think about the pro version of the xfx 750w I do realize it's only slightly cheaper (shipping accounted for) than the BE but it doesn't have that nasty green.
  6. i have an i7 950
    6gb of ram at 1.55v
    and like freakin 7 case fans
    2tb hdd
    and I have the same 700w psu as u. yea major problem about it is the cables a little short to reach to mobo since psu on bottom. I bought me a cheap extension cable from microcenter. worked fine for me
  7. I actually bought an 8 pin extender from microcenter when I was in Dallas forgot to actually look at the second part of the description PCI-E, I never actually opened it discarded the receipt or even the bag and advertisement they gave me at checkout. I'm gonna try to return it when I get down to the Bay Area, CA and get one for the CPU.

    I think what I'm going to do is to stay with my PSU until Ivy Bridge
  8. joelmartinez said:
    what do you think about the pro version of the xfx 750w I do realize it's only slightly cheaper (shipping accounted for) than the BE but it doesn't have that nasty green.

    The PRO has 70A on the 12V rail and the BE has 62V on the 12V rail, so I would go with the PRO, specially if you don't like the "green" look :D

    edit: I was looking at the 850W version... :)

    I see nothing wrong with the PRO version, so if you don't like the "green" look, you should be good to go with it.
  9. I think I'll buy the 750w pro in a combo when I purchase parts to upgrade to Ivy

    next platform upgrade: CPU+Mobo+RAM+GPU+PSU (yeah it's gonna be expensive)
  10. Please note that all answers were good and contributed to my overall understanding of the conclusion I came too it was difficult to select a best answer
  11. Best answer selected by joelmartinez.
  12. All overkill, you don't need 750W. Get a solid 500W and save some cash
  13. I want a PSU that can handle dual next-gen graphics, 750w isn't overkill for that.
  14. why would I even consider getting a 500w when I already own a 700w did you even read my posts.
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