Game crashes and weird screeching noise

First off, Hi. Nice to join the community.

Okay, so this random hits me. Lemme rundown how the problem occurs and what gets borked.

So I was playing PSO last night (lol) on the PC with a friend of mine, and with Skype up when this happened. It's the second time in a few days that it's happened, and it's also happened when I had another game up while playing music at some point as well.

What happens is I'm doing stuff, doo doo doo.. talking to them, and then boom. PSO crashes, Skype goes crazy and goes 'Not responding mode' along with PSO, so they both crash down completely. I open firefox, but firefox doesn't work either. It just locks up on a the white screen before reloading pages. Google Chrome works decently, and so does IE, but they both have issues loading certain sites. Foobar2000 also acts ******* weird. Any time I hit play on a song, it'll make this really loud, scratchy noise as if it were a sound driver issue.

Oddly enough, the whole issue is solved by simply restarting.. but there is no way in hell that the problem is normal. My only guess is it's some sort of video/sound issue.

My specs are I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, GTX 460 on 258.96 drivers (they seem to perform best for me in comparison to other versions) and drivers on my sound card and what not are all up to date. I didn't have this issue back on XP either. Help?
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  1. Sounds like a Memory leak.

    Id run memtest to check the ram, as well as testing single sticks.

    Most likely a leak in the software somewhere though. you may need to reinstall windows.
  2. Hrm.. a memory leak? Just seems to weird. For awhile, I never had issues playing PSO for hours on end, yet now.. I seem to be having issues playing for an hour+ tops with Skype going.
  3. Okay.. just to follow up, ran memtest (Windows Memory Check) and it didn't come up with any issues so not that.
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    That only rules out the faulty RAM, but im still fairly certain its a memory leak as the symptoms fit perfectly.

    play the game for a while, and keep an eye on task manager to see if any programs are using up an unusual ammount of RAM. a memory leak is literally how it sounds, a software clash causing memory usage to spiral upwards without being effectively cached. When you run out of physical ram it causes the problem described.
  5. Hrm. Well.. okay. Lately during this problem, I'd been playing the game and talking on Skype..and I have that gadget on Windows 7 that shows your RAM usage (like right now I'm at 1264 out of 4094 MB and 31% usage, which obviously drops when I close Firefox and what not. Still though.. I hardly ever see my RAM break 40% with PSO open as it's a much older game.
  6. Its about a certain program using too much though. the usage will continue rising.

    its the only thing i can think of that fits the symptoms. And i know way to fix it other than re-installing windows. Do you still have your windows disk?
  7. Ugh.. no I don't.. but maybe I can get someone else's. What would it require?
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