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I've been working on my new build and it's not posting. When I power it up, all the fans start but there is no display on either of my monitors, I get a no signal message then they go to standby. Initially I thought it was the motherboard as it had no beep codes when started with or without hardware. However, I RMA'd it and got a new one back and it has the same thing, so I'm thinking it's just not deisgned to do that.

The spec is:

Asus P6T Deluxe V2 ex58 1366 socket
i7 920
Zalman 9900nt cooler
radeon 5970
3x2GB Patriot 1600mhz ddr3 (1.65v)
Thermaltake 750w toughpower(something like that)

Now, I thought it might be bad ram and have tried all combinations of sticks and sockets with the patriot ram and I have 3x1GB ddr3 ocz ram as well, which I tried the same with. So it's a pretty safe bet to rule out RAM problems.

I tried resetting the cmos as well for good measure, but that didn't work. I've also made sure the mobo isn't shorting out on the case or on any misplaced mounting screws. I've checked that all the psu-to-mobo cables are securely in place too. I'm also working in a static free zone with proper grounding, so I'm not frying everything.

I'm thinking it could be the CPU. Would anyone else come to this conclusion? However, could a bad PSU cause this sort of problem? Despite the fact that everything powers up, fans, leds, dvd drive etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Did you try this sticky ? IF NO, then try it out without missing any steps...
  2. I would run through the items in the below checklist and make sure you have tried and completed each item. It should help pin-point your issue.
  3. My bad, I didn't see that post. Either way, I've mentioned all those issues in my post and those I didn't I had already tried. Thank you though. It was after trying all those I'd come to my last paragraph conclusion, that's what I really need advice on.
  4. ^ I have come across a few builds that had a bad CPU, so I wouldn't rule that out...
    And just asking have you plugged in the 8 pin CPU power cable ? Do you have any equipment to check if the PSU is providing the juice of the PC? Or any old PSU to test with the PC(Just for "breadboarding")
  5. Yeah, I've plugged in the 8 pin cpu cable. I don't think I have any psu's kicking about anymore.

    However, going on what I've said and checked. What are the possibilites? Just CPU and PSU? Obviously excluding extreme coincidence like 2 bad mobo's in a row or all my ram having suddenly died.

    How do I test my PSU, with a multi-meter? I can get hold on one of those, but I'm not sure what I'd be looking for.
  6. Shamless bump!
  7. I've been tinkering around and I can say for sure that all the fans, leds, dvd drive, mb leds and HD's start up. Does that only leave the CPU?
  8. ^ Did you single out the issue ? Even my guess is that the CPU is at fault here...
    And just asking did you select the proper input from the monitor's OSD?
  9. After much research I realied that there's a lot of hardware compatability issues with that motherboard and certain hardware. So after 2 P6T's, I switched to a Gigabyte UD5. It's all up and running now! :)
  10. Good to know you are up and running now!!
  11. ^^Ohh my that was unexpected...But good that now its up and running fine...
    I guess the problem must be with the Firmware/ BIOS...
  12. Yeah, that's what I thought. Apparently, a lot of those issues were fixed by updating the bios, but I was unable to do that. So it was easier for me to just get a new motherboard.
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