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I think I have screwed my PC. I intended to upgrade my CPU from an Athlon 64 (AMD2 socket) to a Phenom 11 945, AMD3 socket) I picked this one because I understand that my motherboard will not run anything above a 95w processor. My motherboard is a ASUS M2N32 SLI-deluxe. I was told that I had to upgrade my motherboard bios to run the new processor.

I tried downloading bios 5009, which the website said was the one compatible with this processor. However, I had problems downloading the file, and wrote to Asus. I received a reply, which didn't really answer my question, but they suggested I should use bios 2209, which I did. I then proceeded to update the bios.

All went well until I restarted the PC, it wouldn't start of course. Worse still when I entered the setup, it kept freezing. I managed to borrow a laptop and get online to download 5009, which downloaded fine now. I installed that and got into windows for about 30 seconds, it then crashed with a bluescreen. I thought maybe if I now installed the Phenom it may work. It didn't, I received a long continuous beep, so I hit the reset button. Now the cpu fan starts, no beep and I do not even get the startup screen.

As you can see, I have gotten into a bit of a state. I even tried to download the original bios to see if I can restore everything. Again the dam site says it is too busy to download this. Pleasde help!!!!!
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  1. The bios for for Phenom II 945 is still beta so you should have expected something like this.

    I think its time for a mobo+ram upgrade, unless you get an AM2+ mobo to reuse your ram but you might as well just go with AM3 to fully utilize the Phenom II 945's capabilities. Using this CPU on an AM2 board severely limits its performance because it was not designed for that board but is just "compatible" with it.

    Retry with your Athlon 64 CPU. If nothing, you may have a lemon on your hands unless you can reflash the bios back to a working non-beta version.
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