An excellent deal on ebay?

Hi all,

I was hoping i could get some advice on the above product. I'm in the market to upgrade my computer, and this processor looks fantastic. However, it almost sounds a bit too good to be true.

I had been looking at getting an AM3 chip, either an x3 or X4, or maybe even an I3. I notice that this is only AM2+. Is that going to cause much of a performance drop? This is probably half the price of what I have been looking at spending.

I would be adding an upgraded cooler and had hoped to run with 1600mhz ram, is that going to be possible?

I feel i would be taking a gamble compared to buying a normal chip, through the normal retail channels, but then the price is very attractive.

Would love to hear some of your opinions.


Also, computer will be used for internet, playing HD content, downloading, acting as a file server, occasional very light (and usually quite old!) games.
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  1. Its really an Athlon X2 5000, not an Athlon II x2, it cannot be unlocked into anything, and once you unlock a chip, if you move it to a new board you would need to unlock it again. That whole posting is a lie.

    What is your current system and whats your budget for an upgrade? We can help you find an upgrade that isnt a scam.
  2. Thanks for the warning, can't say i'm too suprised!

    My current system? *cough* Well...

    Athlon 64 3000 single core,

    1 gb crucial ram

    160 gig hard disk (I know it just gets worse....)

    Geforce 8xxx (was very cheap, no hdmi out)

    On the bright side, just purchased:

    Corsair vx450 psu

    21.5 inch ben q monitor

    I also have a half decent antec case and logitech peripherals.

    Therefore I need CPU, RAM, HDD. Don't want a graphics card really, happy with on-board, so long as it can cope with HD video with no issues at all, and output through HDMI. If that's not realistic or logical then I can/will buy a GPU.

    Storage wise, I'm planning to get an OCZ vertex 2e SSD and at least one 1tb samsung F3, pretty definite on these.

    So i need RAM, CPU and motherboard. No strict budget, if it's worth spending that extra bit then i will. But given my requirements, I obviously don't want/need to spend too much! I would like things like USB 3, sata 3 etc... I am happy to pay to future proof where possible.

    I have been seriously considering either a quad core AMD or a I3, but both seem to have their advantages and i just don't know. Looked at I5 but i'm sure its overkill!

    Any advice welcome!!
  3. Wow! Thanks for pointing out this item. I'm Reporting it on ebay right now because it uses false advertising in numerous places. It completely lies about the processor repeatedly switching between Athlon 64 x2 and Athlon II x2 (also Phenom and Phenom II). I have an old Athlon 64 x2 5000+ at home. It is not impressive and not worth 40 pounds.
  4. Oh, my bad...they clarify that it's a weird processor not listed in AMD's official production specs and that it's a fancy one from Hong Kong actually based on Phenom II (K10) instead of Phenom 1. Good thing I didn't report it.

    It sure sounds weird and bootleg.
  5. If you currently have one of the motherboards they recommend, it would probably work for an upgrade, but it might not. I steer clear of bootleg non-production (probably a product sample) processors. Not to mention 46 pounds, or whatever they sell it for, is a lot to pay when Athlon II's go for that price and, as they state in the description, they are selling low end processor.
  6. The Horse Man, whats your budget for an upgrade? RAM is dirt cheap right now so thats not going to be an issue, the CPU and motherboard depend on what your overall budget is for the upgrade, when you upgrade the motherboard you will likely need a new OS, i suggest Windows 7 over whatever OS you have running on there currently, thats an old system so im guess it might not even have XP on it.

    @dalauder - I dont care if they say its non production or not, there were no unlockable processors vaguely related to that description. They claim it unlocks to a FX-5000 which is totally inconsistent with the naming scheme of the Phenom I and Phenom II processors, also an Athlon II would only have a 3 digit number, not 4, everything about it is wrong, its a total scam no way around that.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys.

    If you're going to push me, I'll say motherboard and processor and ram £250

    However, I would rather spend less, if i'm only getting a ~5% increase in performance / longevity by spending £250 rather than £200, then I would rather spend 200.

    If however, would get a ~20% increase in performance / longevity by spending £275 rather than £250 then i will do that!

    There is room for flexibility. I think I'm aiming for the best performance per £ really.

    Please do bear in mind i will then spend another£100 on a SSD to go with and reference the features i (think) i want from the motherboard. As i understand it my non HDMI graphics card is useless as I want to play 1080p content on a big TV through an HDMI port, therefore, i need a motherboard that is either HDMI equipped and can easily handle 1080p content, or I need a cheap graphics to go with, preferably within my rather rough price range.

    Many thanks for your time!
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