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HD5770 Failure.

PowerColor Radeon HD5770.


I have had the below system for three months (refer to my sig), and it has been working w/o problems. Today, I had my pc on, but just at the desktop, no apps running. I left the room for 15 min, and when I came back, my monitor read No signal. Tried to restart my PC and I received the error beep for "monitor or graphics card error. "

I tried what I could to no avail. Pulled the card, reinserted. Removed power cord and reinserted. Used DVI and HDMI connections. I also tested my monitor with my laptop, and it worked w/o problems so the monitor is ruled out.
None of these attempts worked, not surprisingly, and the monitor remains blank, no post screen or anything at all.

The GPU fan spins, but not at a regular rate, it is always moving, but the speed increases and decreases randomly.

I do not have another pc nor do I have another card to test with, so I called a local PC store and they want $10 to plug it into their PCI Express slot!! WOW!

I am probably going to RMA it with Powercolor, but before I do, is there anything that I can try?
In my somewhat limited experience it seems to almost certainly be the card, and I am reluctant to spend $10 to have someone confirm this.

Thanks for the help.
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    If it's under warranty you should just RMA it. Obviously it was previously functioning and now it appears to have serious issues, paying $10 just to have someone confirm that "it doesn't work" is a waste of money that could be better spent on your shipping charges for the RMA.
  2. Thanks for the post. Anyone else agree or disagree?
  3. Have you tried a different PCIE power connector?
  4. Ya, I have two on my psu, exact same prob with both.
  5. Also cleared CMOS and unplugged keyboard, mouse and ethernet cable during startup. Other than the CD/DVD drive, there are no peripherals installed.
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