Acer 5740 HDD replacement doesn't work / erecovery to new hard drive

I have an ACER 5740 and recently bought a new 500GB HDD to replace my existing 250GB one. The computer runs windows 7. I made the erecovery back up disks, as well as the driver back ups. I replaced the HDD and tried to follow the instructions. It appeared as though everything worked (all 3 recovery disks) were inserted and loaded fine. However when it came to rebooting after all that, it said that it was starting services, but then an error comes up stating that i need to restart the installation. Help please! Is it because the system doesn't like the increase in HDD size? If so what should I do
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  1. Did you use Windows 7 Backup and Restore to create the backup disks? If yes, that may be the problem. Sometimes Windows Backup and Restore only works if the drive is the same size as the original disk. Did you create a system image or is all of this backups?
    This may or may not help.
    If you have a way to partition the disk you may want to consider creating two partitions with the primary partition being of equal size to the drive you replaced.
  2. Thanks for your replay, much appreciated.
    Didn't use windows 7 back up and restore - acer has an inbuilt e-recovery system that i used and through that i created the system image on 3 dvds.
    I haven't got a way to partition the disk as far as I'm aware: it did this automatically on installation on the new HDD.
    I've had a look at the links you sent, but they're not acer specific?
  3. gparted is a tool u can use to partition ur hdd.
    just download, burn the iso-file to a cd.
    ur pc will boot from cd and u can start partitioning.

    i have the same problem atm :D
    and now im wondering which partition size i need.

    good luck!
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