Need help, I had two Seagate Momentus XT 500GB hard drives in Raid 0 in an Aurora R4, and I just bought a new 256GB OCT Vertex 4 SSD to run my OS off of. So last night I did a clean install of Windows 7x64 and loaded all my drivers and software, it was running great when I was done. (Disabled Raid in BIOS, ect.) But I was going to use my other hard drives for storage/back-up. When I went to reformat them Windows couldn’t do it. So I pulled out my new SSD drive and rebooted to bring up my Intel disc management that helped handle the Raid formatting. I chose to break the Raid which in turn deleted all the info on the drives and repartitioned, ect. which they seem to be fine now. So when I put my SSD back in that I had all set up, my computer doesn’t recognize it any more, in BIOS or even when booting off of the Windows start-up disk. So in short I’m frustrated. I’ve tried rebooting, pulling out the drives, trying again, ect. Any thoughts? My SSD should be good, it was working fine when I pulled it out before I did the other stuff. (And no I didn’t install Windows or anyting on the other two drives, just reformatted) Your thoughts?
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  1. unplug the 2 hard drive and just plug in the SSD and see if that work.
  2. Tried that too. It's just odd why it won't recognize the SSD but just the other two. I may plug the SSD into one of my laptops to make sure it's still good. However, don't know what I would have done to screw it up.
  3. LOL, I don't know what I did but it's all working now... Literally just came back from work, switched the drives around--like I tried previously--and went into BIOS and there they all were. Booted correctly as well. Wondering if I needed to leave the drive in there for a while to power cycle. Done deal - closed issue.
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