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Hello I recently purchased a Netgear Dual Band Wireless N Router wndr3300 and a wireless N adapter. I guess my first question is, after I set the router up by having it wired to a computer, can I simply hook an ethernet cable to the router from my modem and not have the router hooked directly to any computer? (router would be stand alone) My internet comes in by my bed and my computer is located downstairs so Im trying to get the signal with out having it hooked to the computer. When doing this, I can see the router and log into it, however I have no internet access. I did ipconfig etc.. and cannot get an ip address in the router or nor can I gain internet access. I am running windows 7. My internet type is cable. I have both router and computer set to WPA2. I believe that its my router that is not getting an IP address when its not hooked to a computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. just to add in. when the router is wired into the computer it gets internet connection but when the computer is taken away it can still be seen but does not connect to the net
  2. Ill awnser this one myself... for anyone wondering... yes you can have a router go stand alone with out having it hooked to a computer.. finally figured it out.. on mine had to set it up on an xp OS comp for some reason then undo the wire... strange...
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