Installed Programs or saved files no longer exist with Reboot


I'm currently trying to find a solution to a situation with my PC. I am able to install programs (ex: Skype, etc), but when I reboot my machine or turn it off and back again, the program I just installed does not appear on my hard drive at all. Any files I save (Word Document, Excel, favorites from Internet Explorer) doesn't appear or retain when I reboot my machine. I suspected a virus attack so I ran a virus scan with AVG but it doesn't find any viruses or errors.

I'm running Win 7 and have 134GB of free space on my C Drive. Any ideas or solutions on what the case could be I'd greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Hello xaviervega;

    After you install a program like Skype and reboot can you locate the program using the Start Menu search programs and files option?

    Type skype into that box at the bottom of the start menu.

  2. Are you running Deepfreeze or some other program that prevents changes from being done to the PC? Has this always heppened, if not, when did it start? Anything get installed/removed before the issue? Are you getting any messages when Windows starts?
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