Need opinion on the right case. Sandy Bridge / Mega Shadow / GTX570

I'll be posting a few questions in here involving cases, modding, parts etc, as well as some involving compatibility between components. If you can provide any sort of helpful information at all feel free, and thank you.

My first question is; will a Prolimatech Mega Shadow fit inside of an Antec Nine Hundred Two V3. Keep in mind that the V3 is a newer updated version and appears to be more recent than the 1200 series. If any of you have had the pleasure of playing with these in person your input would be appreciated. The Mega Shadow is just a nickle coated version of the Megahalems Rev. B, or is it? According to a quote from Prolimatech the Mega Shadow and the Megahalems Rev. B were released at about the same time. Do they both possess the same upgrades from the original Megahalem? Also I've heard some people say that the nickle coating will reduce its effectiveness with spreading heat, and some say that it will improve it. Any thoughts or info on that would be great.

If I can fit a Mega Shadow into an Antec 902 V3, I would prefer that to going with another monstrous full tower. But if that holds true then this only means that the 902 V3 would be my choice from the Antec line, I'm still strongly considering a few other options. The SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B is beautiful and seems to have a lot going for it, including a massive price tag. I'd say it would be worth it if not for a few reviews leading me away from it at Newegg expressing the lack of quality with the plastic bay mounts and the exterior coat. Also looking at the SILVERSTONE Raven 02.

Then of course there's the option of going with something from Mountain Mods, but that might be the priciest of the lot. Trying to keep this down around $150, maybe $200~ if it's worth it. My only problem with the Antecs if it turns out it will house the Mega Shadow cooler is that I've heard due to its incredibly open air flow, especially its 200mm top fan exhaust, it can collect a massive amount of dust, something I'm not too pleased about, even though I have an industrial air compressor and clean my computer frequently enough.

More to come I'm sure, stay tuned! Thanks in advance.

P.S. Selecting power supply next, any thoughts? I'm pretty much stuck on corsair, but not sure which one to go with. Usually I carefully browse the Newegg reviews/ratings and make a large portion of my decision based on that. I want room to grow, might one day add a 2nd video card etc, so I'm thinking at least 850w.
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  1. Somewhat of an answer located:

    He reports being able to fit his mega with 2 fans in push/pull in an Antec 902, now I'm not sure the differences between the 902 and the 902 v3, but I'm going to make a wild guess and say it will work.
  2. Shocking discovery! The Mega Shadow was discontinued last year... Mmm.. Well that's unfortunate, I guess I'll be going with the Megahalem Rev. B... I was really hoping for that darker nickle finish. Anyone have any idea where I might find one? There's a few on ebay for like $150 as oppose to their $80 retail.
  3. I have a 902 and no dust problems whatsoever.
    Nothing really special about the V3 other then 1x usb 3 front port and a cpu cut-out .
    The cpu cut-out is nice and should have been on the 902.
    I think Antec dropped the ball on new version by not having two usb 3's and a psu bottom cut-out and filter.
    Btw a Megahalems will fit no problem in a 902/V3 they're actually a tiny bit wider then the 1200.
    Just don't plan on mounting a side fan.
    Also unless some other awesome case is released in the next year my next upgrade will be a Raven 2.
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