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New build with a SSD as system drive with a few programs installed and a WD Black 500 GB secondary hard drive.

I should have partitioned the WD HDD when I set up the new system but did not. I would like to do it now and create 4 partitions: Backup, Data, Downloads and Programs. The drive already has data on it and also some installed programs. I can backup the data and uninstall/reinstall the programs (after partitioning) but wanted to check with the community about the correct way to do the partitioning.

Using Windows 7 HP 64bit. As I understand it I can use the partition tools in Disk management to accomplish what I want and not have to get a third party partitioning program. If I delete the existing single partition on the WD HDD and then create a new basic partition it will wipe the hard drive, correct? I would then shrink the partition to create the 1st partition for say Backup. I would then create a new partition from the unallocated space left after shrinking the 1st partition, shrink that to form the 2nd partition and then repeat the process for partitions 3 and 4.

Am I going about this the correct way or is there a easier way to do it (other than third party software)? Any other suggestions or advice on doing this would be appreciated.
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    You are correct, if you delete a partition it will delete the data on that partition. When you create new partitions you have the option of setting the partition size when you create the partition. The remainder of the drive will appear as unallocated disk space. You can then create a new partition on the unallocated space and size it when you create it.
  2. Been away for a week so thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, after I delete the existing 1 partition will I be asked to size the new partition when I am creating it? If so, after that one is created the remaining unallocated space would be available to create the next three partitions? Sorry, but this part of the process is a little confusing to me. Just want to make sure I do it correctly.
  3. Yes, you will be prompted for the partition size when you create a new partition. Yes, the unallocated space will then be available for you to create the remaining partitions.
  4. OK, many thanks for the replies!
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