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Hello,i just connected a vga cable to my tv to watch some stuff but initialy i got no signal to my tv.i downloaded some driver from ati and it switched to my vga out somehow and worked fine.the problem lies in switching back to laptop refuses to display anything after windiws boot screen,even though xp is running fine i can hear it run and the windows tone an all vut it wont diplay on either lcd or my now my computer wont go into safe mode lost please help
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  1. Reconnect the TV, start windows, use the TV display, right-click on the desktop, select properties, go to the settings tab, click on the TV in the box shown, uncheck the selection labeled "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor." Click on the "Apply" button, click on the OK button. Disconnect the TV and restart your computer.
  2. I thanks you for your help first and foremost. though the odd thing abouut this situation is that neither the tv display or lcd laptop display works.they both display start up toshiba logo and windows boot screen with the blue loading bar then go blank.i tried to fix the display from the tv side and then found that neither worked.its almost as idf the comuter thinks there is no display hooked up. ive tried all the settings in the boot options and all that but nothing seems to work any other ideas

    thanks a million again tree frog
  3. What kind of laptop?

    Most laptops have a hot key combination (like fn-8) or so that will switch between external and laptop display. Usually that's all I've had to do to remedy this type of situation.
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