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On-board raid vs Add on card for SSD raid

February 7, 2013 10:07:04 PM

I have read a single SSD can saturate a 3g/6g channel with PCIE Addon raid cards being so cheap I was mulling over the idea of using that other 8x slot on my MB for a decated raid card

My Plan was to do the following

Boot Drive 2 OCS Max Iops 128G in raid 0

Data Drive Max Iops 128G SSD caching 2 Tb WD RE

Temp files and Internet Junk on a 2GB RamDisk (not restored at boot)

a few games on a backed up 8Gb Ram Disk (saved at shutdown and restored at boot) and yes I know it will make shut down and reboot long but I want t try it.

If I do this I would drop an 3ware or Adaptec or Arece raid card on the 8x and boot from that but would I see any inprovment? on Win 7 64Bit Ult

or am I just spending more for no good reason?