OS win.7 Prem. and STEAM along with a few other games...

:hello: hay guyz...the more and more i read about SDD i think i have sold myself into buying one..i have my eyes set on a 120gb but my question is ...

would be ok to transfer everything from my 1t hd to my SDD < KEEP IN MIND on that 1t only 84gb has been used so far > and within the 84gb that is on there is the OS / STEAM / GW2 / PLANETSIDE 2 / Blacklight and other small programs that i may use time to time
i know that the OS at times seems to get bigger with updates and such but my main concern is STEAM there a way i can just make a path for the newer steam games that i get off of STEAM ? like instead of saving to path C ..change it to D ? I JUST DUNNO IF steam AND ALL THE GAMES ON steam NEED TO BE WITHIN THE SAME PATH / HD.. sry caps went on cruise control there lol :whistle:

your thoughts and thx!
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  1. Please anyone..a quick yes / no will do thx!
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    steam settings> downloads & cloud > Steam Library Folders
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