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I'd like everyone's thoughts on purposely setting affinity of programs and virtual machines to specific core. I see no advantage as windows seems to do a very good job. I suspect it might even degrade performance in most cases.

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  1. Depends on version of windows.
    On XP it helped my performance with running DVD Flick (encoding/burning) and also with running a VM using VirtualBox.
    It wasnt actually the performance of the programs it was the performance of the OS itself.
    I did it with using SeeSaw (freeware) and also Task Manager.
    I found SeeSaw more versatile.
    With that said.with Windows 7 the thread ordering service is sooo much better that I dont see a reason to set affinities.
    I also think it is more important when utilizing HyperThreading to set affinities to physical cores.
    With DVD Flick the program allows you to set a amount of threads so when I am using the system while encoding I just set it to one thread and two when I am not using it.
    I wish more programs let you set amount of threads.
    I think Handbrake might let you do it also though I havent used it in awhile.
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