Can somebody please check out these specs?

video card:
power supply:
(this seems too good to be true, im still buying another video card>)
(im using my old computer case)
and windows 7 home

ive never built a pc before :sweat:

looking forward to taht advice :wahoo:

(hint hint, added new gpu, cpu)
(hint also added psu)
(hint hint hint, also added MOBO and case)
now im 45 dollars up with MIR, wich i can just get from friends or family or something
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  1. i told u im over my budget, then again if i can pull 10 dollars out of my ass itl do...
    btw, it looks crappier to me other than the efficiency, how many rails does it have i cant tell.
  2. gaming
    mostly wow cus i dont plan on paying for games (private server)
    and occasionally games like wolfteam, and photoshop.
    plus im taking a programin class at school next year.
  3. whats wrong with six cores? 4 x 3.5 = 14ghz 6 x 2.8 = 16.8ghz
    is this right or is my theory of individual core speed incorrect?
  4. well then great, in 4 years i dont have to buy another cpu -.-
    so my theory is wrong?
  5. karakala said:
    well then great, in 4 years i dont have to buy another cpu -.-
    so my theory is wrong?

    Yes, read what dagiggle said.

    If you're going over budget, you need to find areas to scimp on, other than the PSU.




    Alternatively, you can just copy this,2811.html minus the case, and CPU cooler if you're not going to OC. Upgrade parts you feel you need, such as CPU, RAM, or a larger PSU.
  6. in several years when i get more money i really want to get multiple monitors and crossfirex.
    shouldn't i get a psu with more watts than only 430 for this?

    that mobo sounds kinda crappy
  7. heres a thought|14-131-330^14-131-330-TS,14-102-865^14-102-865-TS,14-141-126^14-141-126-TS,14-161-309^14-161-309-TS,14-131-372^14-131-372-TS
    the seccond one is the best right? then howcome more people bought the first?
    its because of eyefinity right?
  8. danmit just realised now im 20 dollars down despite rebates, sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t
  9. alright ill get the mobo, but this card has mist cooling or something and i think the other one didnt have eyefinity, i kinda feel like getting eyefinnity more than crossfirex
    or do i need crossfire to run eyefinity?
    it doesn't matter anyway because without eyefinity i cant use multiple monitors unless i get like a matrox tripplehead2go
    i really need to drop at least $20
    i have 2 monitors with a vga port, 2 vga cables,
    can i connect both to the same card and have them work, if i get 2 dvi-vga converters.
  10. i cant really go up in price anymore
    but if any of you would like to check if i got enough cables on my mobo, and PSU cables, if my video card will work w my mobo, etc. because im not very good at that stuff.

    are u guys sure my mobo supports x4?
    i should also add my fan is only 92 x 25
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