Best way to configure powersupply?

Okay, it's getting late and I've spent hours reading debates over single rail vs. quad rail, etc. That's not my question.

I have a BFG 1000W quad rail PSU. I'm running 6x2TB drives, 6xSSD, 2xRadeon 4890, an Asus P5Q mobo, and 7 case fans in my Corsair 800D.

It's all working fine, so what I'm curious about is optimum wiring. Obviously my 4890s have separate cables directly to the PSU, but...

I've daisy chained nearly all my fans and I think I daisy chained some of my drives as well. In fact, I have about 4 other spots on the modular PSU that I'm not even using.

1. Is daisy chaining a problem for drives and/or fans?
2. Is there a reason not to daisy chain these devices (i.e. vdroop causing drive failure)
3. If the fans are daisy chained directly into the PSU do they run at max speed?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Daisy chaining wont cause an issue, they are all in parallel so it doesnt affect their voltage much so there isnt a reason not to daisy chain them as long as it doesnt clutter your case up too much.

    When you connect a fan directly to the PSU, if it doesnt have a fan control switch on it it will always run at full speed.
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