Removing VGA ribbon from card if not used ?


In my Vostro 200 Slim Tower I have a PNY 210 card with the VGA on a plate connected by a ribbon cable. I now need a slot for a wireless card. I have the free PCI connector but it's blocked by the VGA plate. My monitor will can use DVI and the card itself provides DVI and HDMI. Is there any reason that I couldn't pull the VGA once I switch to DVI to use that opening for my wireless ? Are there any components in that VGA hood or any impedance issues, etc ? So to summarize, to free up the slot I want t just run the card itself with no VGA ribbon connected. Thank you
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  1. You can run that card fine without the VGA ribbon cable. There are no impedance, or RFI issues without it.

    DVI or HDMI is the preferred method of connection.
  2. OK, great. That even covered the RFI issues I saw questioned in other posts. Thanks !
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