Best dual monitor + HDMI graphics card?

I have extra slots and could even swap motherboards if need be. But I need a new video card with 2 DVI and 1 HDMI out. And they should be able to span so I can use all the space at once. Thanks.
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  1. Do you do gaming or do you just need desktop space?
  2. Basically I need the desktop space for the two monitors but would like to have the TV attached as well when I get a chance to watch movies. If I could do all at the same time (or at least optional) that would be ideal. Gaming is out on this machine.
  3. Yeah, if you don't need gaming any ATI 5XXX series will work.

    Could you use a VGA to DVI adapter for one of them? Fighting a card with two DVI ports would be a little more priced as compared to using one with a VGA, a DVI and a HDMI. For example....

    Which is way overkill if you don't game.

    You could get away with something like this...

    If you wanted a card for very minor gaming, this would be a large stepup from the previous card,
  4. The simplest thing to do would be to buy two graphics cards, like this EVGA GEFORCE 210 for $27 after rebate:

    They each require a pci-e slot. If a second pci-e slot is not available on your motherboard, then there are pci and pci-x based cards that do not cost much and will work equally well.

    There are some high priced cards that will drive 3 or more monitors concurrently, but if you are not gaming, it is not worth it.
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