Just purchased a new hdd and can't install windows 7

My hard drive was damaged and I receive a message saying disc error press ctrl-alt del. So I purchased a new hdd. Now my issue is installing my windows 7 Os to the new hdd. I have a product key from the Acer Aspire 5560 I bought less than a year ago. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have tried contacting customer support and every time I explain the situation I miraculously get hung up on. (like 10 times)

Thanks in advance
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  1. You need to restore your Windows 7 OS by booting your Acer from the Factory Recovery Discs which will also install all the necessary drivers.

    If you didn't make a set of Recovery Discs when your Acer was working okay, or you didn't get a set of Recovery Discs with the laptop, you may be able to order a set from the Acer Store online.

    For USA: https://store.acer.com/store?Action=DisplayDataValidationServicePage&Env=BASE&Locale=en_US&SiteID=acerna

    For UK: No online ordering service available for Recovery Discs. You must contact Acer Support by phone on 0871-760-1000
  2. Thanks I went out and purchased the disc from a local church shop for $5 dollars. Trying to get in contact with Acer was impossible. Thanks for the time and help
  3. Can't? What part of the installation isn't working? Has it been correctly formatted? Is the windows key valid? Are you trying to boot from the blank HDD? Question seems a bit vague...
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