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I have an old Dell dimension 8200 running XP from 2001 that I'm finally replacing. To extend the Dell's life, I got a Western Digital WD6400AAKS (640GB) hard drive for media storage a couple years ago (NO OS on it). The Dell did not have a SATA port, so I installed a Creative I/O SATA controller card and was able to use the WD drive.

I installed the WD in the new PC, which runs windows 7, and got an error on boot up: NTLDR is missing. I ensured that its boot priority was lower than the OS drive, and even tried disabling the WD in the BIOS, to no avail. Next I tried using an external dock via USB cable. The new PC doesn't detect that its connected, though I hear the drive spin up. The I tried the dock with the XP and it works fine.

Guess I could connect the two to a router and transfer slowly, but I'd rather understand why the above does not work even though many people think it should.
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  1. unplug the drive from the system and see if the computer boots
  2. Yes, windows 7 PC boots with the WD drive disconnected, and the drive is fine when I reconnect it to the XP PC.
  3. what do you mean by you "ensured that its boot priority was lower than the OS drive"?
    What is the new computer?
    Have you tried the dock on a rear usb2 port?
    Are you running in AHCI mode? If so install the xp drive while win7 is fully booted. Connect power and let the drive spin up before you connect data.
  4. I meant that I set the old drive boot priority lower than the Windows 7 drive that came in the computer. So it was being recognized in the BIOS...but you were right, connecting to the rear USB2 port worked!!!! thanks!

    Now why would it matter which port you use? maybe the front one is USB3, but I wouldn't have expected that.
  5. Sometime front ones are on a hub which many docking station/enclosures dont like.
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