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need help w/ my sony vaio picturebook!

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a b D Laptop
January 17, 2005 6:37:01 PM

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Hi. Recently my Sony Vaio Picturebook (PCG-C1XS) broke, and I can't
use the AC adapter for power anymore. So I am relying solely on
battery power, so I purchased the battery charger (PCGA-BC5) for the
batteries for my picturebook. The standard single capacity battery
fits nicely and charges up, but my quad capacity battery (PCGA-BP54)
does NOT fit, by a couple of millimeters. Not sure why they designed
it like this! I know there is some kind of extension adapter for the
BP54 battery to be able to recharge from this charger, but I can't find
any kind of info about it on the web, like a model number. Does
anybody have this adapter or know the part number or have any
suggestions for me? Thanks.


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a b D Laptop
January 17, 2005 7:36:25 PM

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Hi folks,

I have another problem w/ my PCG-C1XS sony vaio picturebook. I
installed a new hard drive in there and installed a fresh copy of Win
XP Professional SP2. naturally i had to install all the driver and
software updates I could find on the sony support site i could find for
my picturebook. Anyway, the display driver which it is using is
"NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV." When i go to display properties >>
settings >> advanced >> adapter >> List All Modes button, i don't see
"1024x480" resolution in the list, which is the native resolution for
my picturebook! I would like to get the 1024x480 res but no idea how
if it's not even listed.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

a b D Laptop
January 17, 2005 9:04:36 PM

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Hmm... Im not sure what I did, but I found a solution! After much
installing/uninstalling of the NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV driver, it
seems like when I rebooted, Windows went through its automatic "Found
New Hardware" thing, and then I found 1024x480 resolution in the list
of supported modes!!