My pc doesnt wake up ?

guys after formating my pc i installed windows - drivers .. etc but now every 10 minutes when i leave my pc to go smoke a cigarette or to make some coffe this happens

and i press any key to wake it up but there is no response i have to press the reset button and lose any saved password in my IE or lose any unsave progress
well this wasnt happening before formating my pc so what the proplem could be
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  1. Well the reason could be very simple : your PC is set to go to sleep when you dont do anything on it for some period of time..Go to `Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings` and check your settings.
  2. Every 10mins eh, you really need to cut down on the smoking.

    Check: Control panel > Power options > Change selected plan, then put the computer to sleep never.
  3. thanks guys and thank you both the proplem is solved i dont know wich one of you to choose as the best answer
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