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OK, so I am going to be buying ONE Radeon 6970 next month, and I need to decide on which CPU/MOBO to get. I would really appreciate the community's advice =).


I already have everything else (PSU, Case, OS, HDD, CPU cooler, etc) and I will be mainly using the system for gaming and watching movies. I'm just trying to find out or get some advice as to which platform will run just one GPU faster... or if there is any difference at all. I realize that the Lynnfield has a better turbo and an on baord PCI-e express controller (no northbridge) but I will be overclocking to probably around 3.5GHz for each. I keep flip flopping back and forth, but I really need to decide! is it worth the ~$100 to go for the LGA 1366 if I am not planning to crossfire? Main concern is for gaming; I want the faster system with a single 6970.

Thanks all :)
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  1. If gaming is the main use I would go with I5 760 and the same lga1156 mobo. But between those two I would go with the I7 950.
  2. Well, basically with me only planning on using one GPU I figured the lga 1156 would be the way to go -- less cost/power consumption and I think the i7-870 is just as fast as the i7-950. Also, 4gb of ram should be enough. Anyway I'm planning on keeping this computer for the next 5ish years, so I really need to decide on which platform I want/need for the future as well.
  3. Well the i5 760/750 is a real great chip, it's not to expensive, and OCs real easy. Like the other i7 counterparts. I mean the i7 870 is good, not saying its bad, but not needed for even standard gaming.

    The thing is, since you are keeping the system for such a long time. I suggest waiting, since Sandy Bridge, and whooooweee it seems as though its going to be a beast, is rumored or expected to be launching Q1 of 2011.

    Even the i5 of the SB is topping out the 980X or at least on par with it. Anyways yeah, If you do end up going the 870 route, I'd pick the MSI Fuzion instead of that Asus board, but it's all preference.

    MSI Fuzion P55A:
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