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WoW bad fps

I'm using a AMD Phenom Quad-core Processor, 512MB DDR3 Galaxy GT 240 V-card, and my computer has 8gb RAM with Windows Vista 64bit, yet I only get around 2-6 FPS in a 25 man raid in the game. I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions on what to do, my card's driver is up to date but I still get really bad frames per second.
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  1. You don't say which cpu you have, nor the resolution and settings you are trying to game with. But the odds are great it cannot handle the movement, particle effects, battle spam, add-ons, Ventrillo, etc.

    Second most likely cause would be the limitations of 512MB on your vid card. Next would the overall speed of the 240, depending on your resolution. Finally it might be your connection. What's your latency in raids?
  2. Sorry, I'm not too acquainted with computers but the resolution I run at is 1920x1080, and my latency is around 400 ish, I know that I will be changing my ISP, but I still ask about latency and I get mixed answers on latency affecting FPS at all. The CPU is a AMD Phenom 9750 quad-core at 2.4 ghz.
    It would help alot if I could get some clarifications on the latency issue, I was also told that I should have at least 30 FPS in a 25 man raid in World of Warcraft with this card.
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    No problem. 400 isn't good, but it isn't terminal. Just means you are a half second behind.

    I just ran through Dalaran at two resolutions, trying to get some idea of cpu/gpu changes. But my gear is so different from yours, and its not a raid situation.

    I'd suggest you run task manager (alt-ctrl-del) in Dal, and in a raid. Periodically alt-tab and look at cpu utilization (Performance tab) across the four cores. If the graphs show you were maxed on one or more cores, your gaming would be improved by a faster cpu. (cpu utilization will drop dramatically once you alt-tab, so you need the graphs)

    Second, Start toning down the graphics options and see what improvement that yields. Reduce shadows, multisampling, view distance, particle effects in that order, one at a time, and see what if anything helps. (Game Menu/Video/Effects) Then put them back where they were and set your screen resolution to 1680x1050 wide. Then repeat the shadows, multisampling, etc drill.

    If you get decent gains in FPS as you reduce the load on your graphics card, a graphics upgrade will help. If you don't improve much, even stepping down to an even lower resolution, your problem is cpu.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the info, I'll check into it.
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