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It's been a while since I put together a new PC, so I would appreciate if someone could confirm that I'm on the right track. I will primarily be using the system for casual gaming (I'm fine with playing the latest shooters on mid settings), as well as playing music and watching movies within my room. I do NOT plan on overclocking, so I'm just looking for a stable no-fuss machine on a tight budget. Here are my preliminary specs:

Processor - Athlon II X3
Motherboard - AM3 770/SB700 (must have an IDE for my old HDD)
GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5670 or 4850
RAM - 2 x 1GB DDR3-1333
Case - Budget Gaming ATX
PSU - 450W+
Optical Drive - Samsung DVDRW SH-S223

I’ve done my research on TH and seems like I got all the info needed to buy a sturdy PSU. I already bought a WD 500gb SATA drive and have my old WD 250gb IDE, I’m buying the rest of the system in Peru. I expect to pay in excess of $500 (not including HDDs), so US prices are not really applicable and I imagine the options here are limited too. Although future upgrades are not my primary concern, I think the system has good potential for CPU, GPU (don’t care for CrossFire) and RAM upgrades. So here’s what I’m not sure about:

1) RAM frequency - is 1333 fine for this system or should I go for lower considering overall specs?
2) GPU 512MB or 1GB of VRAM?
3) How do the systems various components compliment each other? Is there something I’ve missed or misused?
4) Brand recommendations for motherboard, GPU and monitor

I also need a monitor and I’m thinking of a 19-21” widescreen with a <5ms response rate, but I wouldn’t know more than that. Would the size do for close quarters gaming and also watching movies from a distance of no more than 10 feet?

Also, is there any particular brand of a PCI WiFi card you would recommend? The location where the computer will be placed is a corner of the room where my Android phone has trouble staying connected. I’m guessing that wouldn’t be a problem for hardware with an external antenna.

I hope I’ve been precise enough and I’m thankful for any advice you can give me :)
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  1. Actually with carefully picked out parts/combo even $35x could nab ya a decent 1680 x 1050 gamer with entry level 80+ PSU hehe

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    batuchka said:
    Actually with carefully picked out parts/combo even $35x could nab ya a decent 1680 x 1050 gamer with entry level 80+ PSU hehe


    He said hes buying in/from Peru so unfortunately newegg combos won't do him any good :(

    1) 1333 is fine. Try to pickup some ram with lower CL though as AMD platforms do put that to better use rather than higher frequencies.
    2) 512MB or 1GB depends on your card choice (GDDR2/3/5) and monitor resolution.
    3) The configuration looks fine, you made some great choices.
    You should try to pickup some cheaper end 4GB dual channel kits if possible. The 4850 will outperform the 5670 but also require more power and is hotter. You should also take a look at nvidia's offerings. Maybe a GTS 250 or 450 if they're cheaper.
    4) Definitely Asus or Gigabyte for mobos. MSI and ASrock are ok too.

    For graphics XFX is the only manufacturer that provides lifetime warranty on the AMD side. Sapphire is popular and makes some nice cards; However, their customer support is pretty much non-existent (email only). On the Nvidia side EVGA is arguably the best with great cards and excellent customer support. For both sides I really like the mobo manufacturers for graphic cards (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI).

    Sorry I can't provide any specific components as I'm not knowledgeable about purchasing parts outside of Canada and the US.

    Also you shouldn't "bump" your thread. Moderators don't like that ;)
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  4. Thanks for the great info! I got my PC setup and running yesterday, here's what I got inside:

    AMD ATHLON II X3 445 Triple-Core Socket AM3, 3.1GHZ:$103.00
    ASUS® M4A77T/USB3 AMD® 770 DDR3 1800 USB 3.0:$103.00
    Gigabyte® Radeon™ HD 5670 1GB DDR5:$141.00
    2 X Kingston® 1GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666, CL9:$50.00
    LG® DVD±R 22X DVD+R Dual Layer DVD LightScribe:$30.00
    Case Coolemaster Gladiator 600 sin fuente :$82.00
    Coolermaster Elite Power 460w : $ 47.00

    Monitor LCD LED 20" LG E2040S-PN:$182.00

    That's what I paid here in Lima, Peru... compare that to newegg prices :| I think I'll be going for a memory upgrade soon enough, but overall the system runs very well and I'm definitely happy with what I got here :) Thanks again for the advice!
  5. Gratz on your buy and new rig and u are welcomed ^^
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