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Building a gaming PC

i'l be very soon buying a new desktop PC for mostly gaming purpose n hv shortlisted the following processors;

intel core i-7 950
amd phenom ii x6 1100t be
intel core i-7 2600k

my friend has amd phenom ii x6 1100t be and it runs smooth but i've heard that intel is far more better than amd...especially after sandy bridge..
also i'm planning to buy ati radeon hd 5770 n crossfire true that ati card work better with amd?
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    For gaming you only need the 2500K not the 2600K and its by far the best at its price. Crossfire works fine on Intel as long as the motherboard supports it.
  2. Yeah, what simon said.
  3. Also, it might be worth spending the same amount of money you would on your 2 5770s and getting one better card so you don't have to deal with Crossfire drivers.
  4. i recently read a review article of amd radeon hd 6870
    now since i've been recommended 2500k, i'm thinking of using that money for hd 8670..
    or do u guys know of any better card in the same price range?
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  6. Worth taking a look at the GTX560Ti. Looks like a great card!
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