3D Mark 06 Sli Supported?

Hey everyone, how you all doing? I hope I'm in the right forum section, the moderators can move my question where ever they see fit!

My friend and I experimented last night with our GTX 260's in sli! We installed it properly on my sli mobo, and used a 750W PSU to power them up! My CPU is a E8500 @ 3.34 Ghz (So no problem with BN)

My score is lower than a single card!! I installed the Nvidia drivers and setup sli properly, but nothing! my score is still lower,

with one card I score around 14200, and in sli I was scoring 13980!! what gives!! I looked everywhere, the version is the free downloadable version but this makes no difference!!

please help anyone with our software setup!!

my windows index went from 7.2 - 7.6 though!! but i want marks!!! 3d marks!! I don't want to use vantage because i'm not familiar with it, and the scoring!!

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  1. Hey, I'm doing very well thanks for asking, how're you?

    Fisrt of all, Windows experience Index is perhaps the worst "benchmark" ever...Don't pay it any attention.

    Secondly Your E8500 is bottlenecking just one card on its own, so adding two won't do anything for your score. A single GTX260 is cacpable of roughly 16-17K without a CPU bottleneck. Its just the way 3DMark06 is, very CPU intensive.
    My Core i7 920 at 4.4Ghz still bottlenecks 2 x HD5850's in 3DMark06, but what really matters is games, not benchmarks.

    Your CPU really isn't powerful enough for GTX260 SLI. (Although 3dmark makes the bottlenecking look alot worse than it probably is in games.)
  2. omgitzfatal, please take a look at this graph because it doesn't concur with what you say about bottlenecking! i think its just 3D mark itsself! but not in general!!

  3. That chart is just some BS marketing, they don't even say which games or settings ETC... Besides which I'm talking about 3dMark06, not games....

    You will still get very playable frame rates in nearly all games, the only games I see your CPU really struggle on would be BFBC2 on High settings and perhaps Crysis and metro2033. Oh and of course 3DMark, but thats just a benchmark.
  4. I've played BFBC2 and Metro on high settings @ 1680 x 1050! no problem! before the sli configuration!

    what i'll do is download FRAPS or any other in-game FPS calculator and check then, comparing differences!

    I still can't understand why sli would give me a lower score than single GPU setup! Sure i understand there will be bottlenecking, but heck! there should have been an increase, even just a slight difference!!
  5. Yeah good idea, play some games :) And compare non SLi to SLi. I bet you'll see a nice gain at 1680 x 1050.
  6. You do have SLI enabled in the Nvidia control panel, right?
  7. Helltech said:
    You do have SLI enabled in the Nvidia control panel, right?

    yes of course, before i did any benchmarking, i set the sli configuration up correctly and sli was running...

    i differentiated between different physx configurations, i ran the setup as multiple GPU ( independently)- setting sli off, and all options gave me the same score!

    i've not tried vantage yet, and my main concern was if 3d mark 06 was compatible with sli? thats my main concern... could that be the fault? I doubt it but, thats what my notion boils down to!

    this is the first time i'm completely stumped!
  8. Yes SLI and Crossfire works in 3DMark06, Like I said before, your heavily CPU bottlenecked in 3DMark06 thats why you score's are almost Identical.
  9. System specs? What motherboard are you using?
  10. Have you done a complete uninstall of your drivers and then reinstall? You could have a driver conflict. You could also try format and reinstall to see if you are having a windows issue.
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